Winter Driving Tips

There’s a lot to love about the winter, but one of the things you probably don’t love is driving in it. It can be tricky to safely navigate icy and showy roads. Thankfully, we’re here to help. Here are some tips on winter driving.

Check Your Tire Pressure

In order to get a good grip on the road, you’ll want to make sure your tires are properly inflated. Check your tire pressure consistently during the winter and make sure it’s not too low or too high.

Say “No” to Cruise Control

Avoid using cruise control in the winter, especially on icy or snowy roads. It’s easier for you to react to an icy spot than your cruise control.

Steer & Look in the Right Direction

If you feel yourself sliding on ice, always look and steer where you want to go in order to correct the skid.

Easy on the Brakes

Ease up on the brakes. Instead of quickly or harshly braking at stop lights, predict when you’ll need to stop and gradually press on the brakes instead of suddenly.

Slow Down

In ice or snow, just slow down. Going the speed limit or under will help you gain and maintain control on the road.

Good luck on those winter roads and stay safe!