Winter Car Maintenance Tips: Being Prepared for the Cold

winter car maintenance tipsWith cold winter temperatures on the way, we at Lincoln of Troy have put together some last minute winter car maintenance tips to help keep your vehicle in good condition.

The most important thing you can do is check your car for any minor problems and fix them now. Cold weather tends to be harder on cars, and a little problem can turn into a big problem fast. If you notice any pings, rough idling, or hard starts, have it checked out right away.

Tip number two is to flush your coolant. Most people forget to do this because you technically only need it done every two years. According to, antifreeze/coolant degrades after a while and should be replaced before frigid temperatures set in.

Our third tip is to check your tires. Cold temperatures make air pressure drop one psi for every 10 degrees, so your tires will naturally be a little deflated in the winter. Make sure to check the tire tread and replace any bald tires before you go on ice or snow.

Last but not least, check your wipers and fluid. It’s always better to replace them before you realize you need to, because by then it’s too late. Don’t be the person who drives with their head out the window.

With all these in mind, remember to drive safe and give yourself a little extra travel time during the winter.