Traffic Signs May Cause Accidents According to Some Experts

traffic signs According to a recent study reported on by the Christian Science Monitor, traffic signs may cause accidents. At least, that is the case according to some researchers. The reason is simple: we pay more attention to traffic signs than we do what is actually going on around us.

Think about it. A red light or a stop sign cannot literally stop a vehicle. Only the person driving the vehicle can stop a vehicle. But yet think about how many times you’ve driven through an intersection when the light turned green without even looking.

Drachten, a city in the Netherlands, went so far as to remove all street signs and even markings on the road. A major German publication found that accidents there had diminished considerably.

The mastermind behind this movement, road traffic engineer Hans Monderman, recreated these same results everywhere that his minimalist ideas were implemented. Monderman’s ideas have been entertained by a number of US cities.