Tips for Driving in the Rain

Tips for driving in the rainMarch is here, which means that spring is steadfastly approaching. And with spring, comes rain. Lots of it. To make sure you are always safe on the road, check out these tips for driving in the rain.

Slow down – It always takes longer to stop or adjust on a wet road. Speeding can not only make it harder for you to brake in time or cause you to slide, but it can also result in hydroplaning. This can happen at as little as 30 miles per hour, so make sure you watch your speed to avoid an accident.

Increase following distance – Since it can take longer to stop in the rain, it’s dangerous to follow too closely. Put more space in between you and the car in front of you to keep yourself from sliding into them.

Replace your wipers – You might not need to replace them, but definitely check them. Wipers that don’t wipe are pointless, especially in heavy rain, when bad wipers can decrease your visibility.

Turn on your lights – It is the law in most every state that you need to turn on your lights in the rain. Even if it’s daytime, lights help you see better, and help other drivers see you.