Tips for Driving on Ice Safely

tips for driving on iceA lot of things are better on ice: hockey games, scotch and sodas, Disney musicals, etc. Unfortunately, your car is not one of those things.  With winter weather arriving, drivers need to be even more cautious than usual when out on the road. To help you stay safe in the coming months, be sure to follow these tips for driving on ice safely.

According to, the best way to avoid a driving accident on an icy road is to stay off it altogether. They recommend being safe rather than sorry and waiting for conditions to improve rather than heading out on an icy road. It’s also important to pay attention to weather forecasts, so that nasty weather doesn’t take you by surprise.

If you can’t avoid icy roads, though, be sure to wear your seat belt (you should be doing this all the time, of course), and drive slowly. Staying below 45 mph is the best way to avoid an accident. Also, go easy on the brakes – antilock brakes (ABS) are known to lock up on icy roads. If you ever feel yourself starting to slide, turn into a slide, but be careful not to overcorrect.

Here at Lincoln of Troy, we hope these tips for driving on ice will keep you safe this winter!