The Most Famous Artists to Come Out of Motown

No company has had more influence on the American music industry than Motown. This record label, which originated in nearby Detroit, has helped produce some of the country’s most iconic singers. However, there are a select few of those Motown musicians that have achieved the status of music legends! The following are some of the most famous artists to come out of Motown.

Marvin Gaye: No singer brought more sensuality or soul into his music than Marvin Gaye. This Motown master produced hit after hit!

Stevie Wonder: Since the beginning of his career in Motown, Stevie Wonder has been producing wonderful pieces of music for audiences all over the country to enjoy.

The Jackson 5: This band made producing catchy and intoxicating songs and tracks look as easy as 1,2,3!

Diana Ross: A Founding member of The Supremes, no singer in the industry has more spirit or more soul than the remarkable Diana Ross!

The Temptations: When you think of Motown, the first band to pop into your head is probably The Temptations, thanks to their stylistic blending of several genres of music.