The Lincoln Music Selfie Experiment Targets a Young Audience

Lincoln Music SelfieThe Lincoln Motor Company’s newest marketing campaign includes selfies, music, and Tweets. As a part of the automaker’s sponsorship of the 6th annual ESSENCE Black Women in Music® event, Lincoln has created the Music Selfie Experiment.

The Experiment encourages users to upload their selfies at or Tweet them to @LincolnMotorCo, where an original audio soundtrack is created based off of the characteristics and values of the photo. Scanning software is used to apply an algorithm to each image. Based on facial feature measurements, the software pulls from a large audio file database to create a completely unique 20-second musical composition for each selfie.

The software was developed exclusively for Lincoln by Jam3, who says that more than four million facial-recognition soundtrack variations are possible.

“Music plays a large part in Lincoln’s commitment to the arts,” said Dave Rivers, manager, US Lincoln marketing communications in a statement. “Through the innovative technology of the Music Selfie Experiment, Lincoln is inspiring people of all walks of life to engage with the brand through music.”

Check the Lincoln Music Selfie Experiment out for yourself, and add some music to your selfie! Here at Lincoln of Troy, we are proud to be part of Lincoln’s ongoing efforts to reach young, diverse crowds, and their continued emphasis on music and music education.