Staying Safe While Driving At Night: Tips and Tricks to Avoid Accidents

driving at nightThough many people do it without thinking, driving at night presents dangerous driving obstacles. From drowsiness to poor visibility, nighttime driving puts everyone at risk, whether they recognize it or not. To help you stay safe while you’re driving at night, Lincoln of Troy has gathered some tips for you to use!

Our first tip is for both you and other drivers: aim your headlights. According to Popular Mechanics, most new cars come with simple instructions in the vehicles manual to adjust your headlights for optimum viewing. After a few tries, you should have better vision.

Try dimming your instrument cluster as well. Nothing is more distracting than bright lights in your face at night – dimming the instrument panel will help you concentrate on the road ahead. Again, your owner’s manual will help you locate the dimmer switch.

Look for retinas on the side of the road. When you’re driving in the country or the open road, deer, raccoons, and other animals often present themselves as hazards. They can easily be spotted by looking for their bright retinas – just remember, never swerve to avoid.

Last but not least, keep your windshield clean. Driving during the night reveals all sorts of streaks and smears, which can distract you from the road. Polishing the glass with newspaper is one easy trick used by detailers to get rid of nasty residue.