Smell the “Essence of Lincoln”

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Imagine this but as a scent. Then you’ll have “Essence of Lincoln”

Your sense of smell is closely tied to your memories. Surely, you’ve walked into a room before, smelled a certain type of cookies baking and immediately been flooded with memories of visits to Grandma’s house. That is why Lincoln has created a new scent for its showrooms across the country called “Essence of Lincoln.”

“While every sense plays a part in forming a client’s perception of an experience, scent has one of the strongest connections to not only memory, but emotion,” said Dennis Carnevale, Lincoln experience training manager, in a statement. “Essence of Lincoln is a subtle, yet powerful tool for our dealers to use to help clients make an emotional connection to their store and the Lincoln brand.”

The scent was created by expert perfumer Rene Morgenthaler who also helped develop other leading scents, including Polo Extreme by Ralph Lauren, Sheer Obsession by Calvin Klein, and Elizabeth Taylor’s Passion for Men.

So, the next time you walk into Lincoln of Troy, try to pick out the top notes of green tea with undertones of jasmine and tonka. We think you will find it pleasant and inviting.