Showering Your Vehicle with Love during National Car Care Month

National Car Care MonthYou’ve heard the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” Think about it: if we shower our cars with love in April, then May will bring vehicles that bloom as they take to the roads for a season of sunny-day adventures. In honor of National Car Care Month, we thought we would share some of the ways we at Lincoln of Troy shower love on our vehicles.

  1. Check Your Wiper Blades and Lights. Are your windshield wiper blades working properly or are they damaged, cracked, or torn? You’ll certainly need them for driving through the showers; and it is a good habit to replace them at least once a year. As for your lights, they are vital in enabling you to see and be seen, especially in inclement weather.
  2. Inspect Your Tires. Another key component to traveling safely, whether on wet roads or dry, is your tires. If, when you stick a penny head-first into the groove of your tires, you can see the top of Abraham Lincoln’s head, you should replace your tires for better traction.
  3. Clean Your Interior. At the very least, you’ll want to pick up the trash and take out any extraneous clothing or other items that accumulated during the winter months. You may be surprised by how nice it feels to travel in a clean car.
  4. Visit us. We are here for you. Schedule an appointment with our service experts and we can handle the routine maintenance tasks like changing the oil, checking the battery, and topping off your fluid levels.

As you enjoy the April’s showers that bring the blooming flowers in May, we hope you’ll also enjoy spending some quality time showering your vehicle with a little love in anticipation of beautiful days for driving and those not-so-distant road trips.