Repairing a Car Dent

car dentA dent can be a major blemish on an otherwise perfect car. After you’ve paid a good amount of money for your car, odds are you want to keep it in pristine condition. If your dent is large, you should probably bring it in to our repair shop to get fixed. But small dents can be fixed at home. Here are a few tricks to repairing a car dent from us here at Lincoln of Troy.

  • Cup Plunger – Small and medium-sized dents, like those received in parking lots, can usually be removed with the right amount of suction. A cup plunger, used on sinks, is your best bet. Apply was to both the dent and plunger then give it a go. The suction should pop the dent out without leaving any signs of damage.
  • Specialty Kits – Whether they work or not seems to depend on luck but specialty kits aren’t exactly expensive. Much cheaper than a repair shop, a specialty kit that works will remove the dent without costing you a fortune.
  • Hot and Cold Air – If you have a hair dryer and can of compressed air, you might be able to remove even the toughest of dents. Heat the dent with the hair dryer then cool it by holding the can of compressed air upside down. The metal will expand then contract, causing the dent to pop out.