Redesigned 2015 Lincoln MKC Ecoboost Ready to Hit the Road

2015 lincoln mkc ecoboostThe 2015 Lincoln MKC EcoBoost is ready to shine on the dealer’s showroom floor. Like many other 2015 models, the 2015 Lincoln MKC Ecoboost has a lot of new things to offer for the year, especially when it comes to fuel efficiency.

The MKC is a little less powerful this year, yielding 285 horsepower and 305 lb-ft torque, but the drop is so small that it’ll barely be noticeable. The zip is still there, reaching its 60 mph in just 6.5 seconds, and it’s still going to get you where you’re going with speed and confidence. The 18 city/26 highway EPA rating for miles per gallon is a modest improvement to go along with this, though different models of the MKC will yield a bit of variation in these ratings.

The new design is a Frankenstein job of a few different inspirational cars, but not in a faulty way. It’s actually garnered quite a collection of positive comments for its attractive, mature look. Some say it’s the best Lincoln design to date!

The inner design is nice and high-end. It brings wood, plastic and leather together with a clean, uncluttered control set to create a pleasant, good-looking interior.

If a redesigned Lincoln MKC Ecoboost is in your sights for 2015, Lincoln of Troy is ready to help you get the best deal on your new car. Be sure to contact or visit us for more information on this and other MKC models!