All-New Navigator Comes with Luxurious and Exclusive Ziricote Wood Materials


It’s a material usually reserved for high-caliber products like yachts, high-class furniture, and even the best quality acoustic guitars; all of which means, it’s perfect and fitting for the 2015 Lincoln Navigator, the most luxurious full-size SUV on the new car market, in America or otherwise. What is “it,” then? It’s ziricote wood, a tropical hardwood hailing from South America, the southern part of Europe and even northern Africa, and it’s only available on the Reserve Package of the Lincoln Navigator, which will hit dealerships later this year.

“Luxury customers understand design and especially desire customized design,” said Barb Whalen, color and material design manager. “The beautiful, natural color and striking pattern of the ziricote wood allows customers who choose the Reserve Package on the new Navigator to experience that.”

The ziricote wood, an all-natural product, comes in a range of colors, drifting across a rainbow of brown shades from reddish-brown to darker hues. This adds an element of customization to the Navigator, as Whalen pointed out: “You will see a family resemblance from vehicle to vehicle, but because this is a natural product, no two Navigators with the Reserve Package will look exactly the same.”

Stay tuned for news of when you can come by Lincoln of Troy and pick out your very own Navigator, which will be as unique as any snowflake.