Neil Young Mentions Potential 2016 Lincoln Continental

What do rock stars know about cars? Sometimes, quite a lot. Neil Young, the Canadian singer-songwriter and rock ‘n roll icon, is well known for his passion for cars and music, which has apparently garnered him some unofficial insight into the automotive industry.

Speaking to Matt Cramer on CNBC’s Mad Money, Neil Young brought up Pono—a portable music player and service he developed—and revealed his company was working on new in-car audio integration with Revel by Harman.

He then said the new system would be introduced in the 2016 Lincoln Continental, which—if true—would be great, but there hasn’t been a Continental since 2002. Did Young misspeak or did he truly, accidentally leak a bit of information?

As we know, Harman recently signed a deal with Lincoln, so the idea concerning Neil Young’s in-car audio and the Continental is possible, and we absolutely hope it is true at Lincoln of Troy.

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