Lincoln’s New Year with McConaughey

Academy award winner, Matthew McConaughey, is partnering with Lincoln once again for the arrival of the new year.  Two new commercials featuring Matthew will be revealed January 1st during college football.  This past summer, the 2015 Lincoln MKC was put on the map with it’s stunning new design and  McConaughey’s unique acting style.  For 2015, Lincoln hopes to do the same with the 2015 Lincoln MKZ and the 2015 Lincoln MKZ hybrid.

A buzz has been created through Lincoln’s different approach to advertising, which has been met with both negative and positive reviews.  Regardless of the feedback, Lincoln has experienced a 15% sales gain in 2014.  This is impressive when considering the top selling vehicle (the 2015 Lincoln MKC) was not released until halfway into the year.  If this is any indication of the future for Lincoln, it is safe to say that 2015 will be a time of improvement for the brand.  Awareness and interest in Lincoln has increased greatly among the public, with Matthew McConaughey as the focal point.  This spark of creativity has turned into a fantastic advertising campaign that is helping Lincoln grow.