Lincoln’s $5 Billion Makeover Will Be Getting a Brand New Platform

Ford wants to bring Lincoln back to its top spot in the luxury market and it’s putting in every effort to make the quality of the Lincoln the very best for its customers. So, the Lincoln is getting a makeover.

A $5 billion makeover.

This won’t be a sudden money drop, though. It’s predicted by Reuters that the investment will span the course of about five years. Still, at one billion dollars a year, there’s bound to be some huge changes for the Lincolns of the future!

With this investment, Lincoln will be getting an entirely new platform, dubbed the D6. In its line-up, the first cars hitting the slab for the new D6 will probably be a mid-size sedan model and a seven-passenger crossover, possibly being designed to replace their equivalents that are currently on the market.

Ford also has plans to make the difference between a Lincoln and a Ford all the more apparent. With this differentiation, Ford hopes to make Lincoln stand out—especially in the market in China, which is the biggest part of the world market.

Lincoln of Troy knows big changes are in store for our luxury line-up in the future. To see what Ford has planned for Lincoln’s $5 billion makeover and more, be sure to check back weekly!