Lincoln Touted as Affordable Luxury Brand

Affordable luxury brandIn today’s market, there seems to be absolutely no end to the luxurious features and goodies offered by auto makers. Even manufacturers that typically aim at a lower price range have begun offering higher trim levels that can compete with more reputable brand names. In a market like this, even luxury brands have to price their vehicles competitively in order to stick around, and Lincoln is one of those. With cars featured on various affordable luxury brand lists across a number of online publications, Lincoln targets a price point that lets a broader range of buyers enjoy the company’s vehicles.

When a luxury car is referred to as ‘affordable,’ the vehicle in question is typically less than $35,000 to $40,000. The popular Lincoln MKC fits into this category, with an MSRP and destination charge totaling about $34,000. The MKC features conveniences such as remote start, automatic climate control, and a 2.0-L turbo engine. Also mentioned on affordable luxury lists is the Lincoln MKZ, specifically the Hybrid variant, which receives excellent fuel economy for only $35,190.

In addition to having great prices for their newer vehicles, used cars from Lincoln also go for excellent deals. For example, a 2008 or earlier Lincoln Navigator typically goes for less than $25,000. As an affordable luxury brand, Lincoln always offers consumers great deals, whether old or new.