Lincoln Tops Customer Satisfaction in 2016 Automobile Report

2016 Automobile ReportRecently, the American Customer Satisfaction Index released the results of a poll that delved into the American auto market to see how auto manufacturers fared against one another in terms of customer satisfaction.

The 2016 Automobile Report was a surprise for many; not only did the industry as a whole experience a major upswing in customer satisfaction, but the Lincoln brand slotted into the number one spot. According to the ACSI, Lincoln drivers are the most satisfied out of any other group of car owners in the US.

The poll surveyed over 3,770 customers and asked them questions regarding not only the process of buying the car and the help they received from dealerships and sales representatives, but also qualities about the vehicles themselves, including ride quality, the vehicle’s design, the comfort of the interior, handling, and more. Even questions like how intuitive the interface of the brand’s website was or how much they appreciated their warranty came into the equation.

It’s no leap to say, then, that the 2016 automobile Report reflects a well-rounded perspective on the auto industry. It’s to be expected that a luxury brand like Lincoln slates into the top spot, as luxury vehicles often offer more standard features, better quality, and other extra perks for the higher price.