Lincoln Tests New Way to Help Drivers Manage Lease Mileage

Lincoln MilesWhile leasing a vehicle can have plenty of benefits, one of the most difficult parts is keeping track of the mileage for your lease. Fortunately, Lincoln has helped develop a system to help assist drivers with that issue. The American carmaker is testing a new way to help drivers manage lease mileage.

“Clients will be able to see at any time where they stand compared with the mileage chosen on their lease agreement – along with a regularly updated projection of their lease-end mileage,” said Lee Jelenic, director of Future Digital and Product Development. “This can help clients manage their miles and earn credits for unused miles.”

The system allows drivers to monitor their vehicle mileage on a daily basis. What makes the new tracking system so beneficial is its connectivity to mobile devices through continuous updates.

Another reason that drivers will love the new system is that it can help them earn up to $1,000 toward their next Lincoln vehicle lease based on how many miles remain unused!

For helping you keep track of your driving habits, nobody helps you stay on track like Lincoln!