Lincoln Refines Innovative Approach Detection Technology in Brand-New Lincoln

Lincoln Continental with Approach Detection technology

Imagine your vehicle welcoming you with open arms every time you approached, like the feeling you get seeing the open arms of an old friend. This is exactly what Lincoln is going for with its innovative Approach Detection technology.

We first saw glimpses of this tech on the 2015 Lincoln MKC, but the American automaker has perfected the features with the incoming 2017 Lincoln Continental.

It works by sensing when your key fob is near. At that point, the Continental initiates its welcoming process by illuminating the ground beneath both front doors, effectively creating virtual “welcome mats.” The door handles are also softly illuminated, in a color that complements the exterior color of the vehicle.

Once you open the door, you are welcomed by ambient lighting on the door panels, instrument panels and cupholders. The start button gently pulses light as if to say, “You can push me if you want…or you can just chill in the soft light forever.”