Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Recalled for Rollaway Risk

MKZ Hybrid

Nothing could ruin your day more than your car rolling away from you after you’ve parked it. The MKZ Hybrid is being recalled for just this reason after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found a fault in the transmission range sensor, allowing the car to possibly roll away after being parked. This issue is not only a huge safety issue, potentially resulting in car accidents, but it also violates the requirements of federal safety standards, which require every new car to have the pressure on the brake pad before shifting into “Drive” from “Park.”

The transmission range sensor usually keeps the car from shifting from “Park” to “Drive” unless the brake is depressed, ensuring that you’re not entering drive mode unless you want to. With 7,153 MKZ Hybrids built from April 26, 2012 to September 24, 2013 having this issue, Ford has notified owners to bring their hybrids into their local Lincoln dealers (including Lincoln of Troy). To fix the issue, the dealer must update the Powertrain Control Module software.

For more information, check out the official recall notice here or contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.