Lincoln Black Label: Redefining Luxury


Lincoln Black Label MKZ Center Stage Black Tie

If you’ve shopped for a Lincoln model, it’s likely you have heard of Lincoln Black Label design. As one of the most exclusive features on the market, Lincoln specially designs vehicle interiors to appeal to your personality and sophistication.

According to Lincoln, the automaker uses premium leather, refined stitching, and exclusive designers to create the perfect interior for your style. Alcantara suede, Venetian leather, real wood finishes, and brushed chrome dominate the design themes. You won’t believe how comfortable driving can really be in the Black Label vehicles.

“We’re all creatures of our environment, and thus we focused on the design of the interior – the place where the driver spends the most time,” reads the Lincoln Black Label website. “For the interior trim, we sourced premium woods seeking optimal color and richness in every grain – all elements working in harmony to create an unforgettable tactile experience.”

In addition to premium materials, Lincoln Black Label also comes with remote vehicle deliver and a dedicated liaison for premium members. Choosing your vehicle interior has never been more sophisticated than in the Lincoln Black Label lineup.