Lincoln Black Label at Home Experience Showcased at North Bay Village Home

Black Label at Home

The Lincoln Black Label at Home experience has picked up and moved to North Village Bay, Florida. Previously on display in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, this exclusive at-home experience continues to bring to life the four Black Label designer themes available in the 2015 Lincoln MKZ and MKC.

Lincoln recently hosted an exclusive cocktail party at the beachfront mansion, where each room featured design elements, fabrics, colors, and textures inspired by one of the four available Black Label themes: Center Stage, Oasis, and Modern Heritage. The event was designed to give VIP guests the opportunity to see what it means to live the Black Label lifestyle, and offered an up-close look at four Black Label vehicles.

The North Village Bay mansion is now available for VIP guests to reserve, where (according to a news release) they will enjoy access to bespoke concierge services along with a list of Black Label-inspired events, including exclusive clubs, dining, and shopping. Additionally, during their stay at the Black Label mansion, guests are invited to choose one of the available Black Label vehicles to use for transportation.

Lincoln car shoppers who choose a Lincoln Black Label trim benefit from premium materials, exclusive color palates, remote-vehicle service calls, off-site concierge visits, anytime car washes, and upscale dining at restaurants belonging to the Black Label Culinary Collection network.

To learn more about Lincoln Black Label, stop by Lincoln of Troy.