Lincoln and Matthew McConaughey Team Up Once Again

Alright, alright, alright. The most popular Lincoln advertising campaign is making its return. According to a Lincoln press release, Lincoln and Matthew McConaughey are teaming up once again for a new set of TV spots.

McConaughey was the star of a series of incredibly successful commercials for Lincoln last year. Now, he is headed back to Lincoln to promote its vehicles. The new campaign, entitled “The Feeling Stays With You”, centers on the lasting appeal of Lincoln vehicles.

“What appeals to me about this new series of ads is that while the overall Lincoln message remains consistent, the way it is delivered continues to evolve,” states McConaughey in the press release. “It’s exciting to have the freedom to explore and create new narratives.”

The commercials will also showcase some of the latest features on the newest lineup of Lincoln vehicles, introducing them to a wide audience of potential customers.

When you put Lincoln and Matthew McConaughey together, there’s just no way you can lose!