Lincoln and Aloe Blacc Team Up to Create an Interactive Music Video

The Lincoln Motor Company has partnered with pop-soul recording artist Aloe Blacc to create a funky and original interactive music video. The partnership between Lincoln and Aloe Blacc is part of a creative film experiment that doubles as a fun way to introduce viewers to some of the luxury automaker’s vehicles as well as the soulful sounds of one of today’s rising music stars.

Aloe Blacc’s new song “Love is the Answer” is the centerpiece of the music video. Much like with normal music videos, viewers can watch Blacc’s “story” as the video unfolds. Lincoln’s creativity comes into play when you realize that you aren’t limited to watching things from Blacc’s perspective. Instead, you can live or relive the experience through the eyes of another participant at the same event.

“Lincoln is a classic luxury brand but reinventing itself in a very modern way, which I can relate to right now as an artist going through a transformation with my music,” Blacc said. “The way the digital experience was shot incorporates this new technology to directly engage with the individual so they become part of the story, and the results are beautiful.”

Experience the music at Lincoln’s official YouTube channel, and experience the luxury of Lincoln firsthand at Lincoln of Troy!