What to Keep in Your Car in the Winter

In the winter, there’s more to driving than just hopping in your car and going. You’ve got to be ready to handle anything from a dead battery to icy windshields to being stranded in the snow. Read on to learn what you should keep in your car in the winter to prepare you for whatever may happen.


Ice Scraper

It may sound obvious, but if you find yourself without an ice scraper one morning you’ll have a long wait before it’s safe to drive your car. Ice scrapers and brushes will help you clear off every window for optimum visibility.


Jumper Cables

Slightly older car batteries that do fine in the summer may not work as well in cold weather. Because if this you might find yourself needing a jump here and there, so have the cables ready.


Flashlights and Extra Batteries

It gets dark early in the winter, so if you break down on your way home from work there’s a chance you won’t have any sunlight to guide you. A flashlight will help you figure out what’s going on, and can also act as a signal to flag down help.


Blankets and Warm Clothes

If you get stuck in a snow bank or find yourself in some other situation where your car won’t start, it’s imperative that you keep warm. Extra winter clothes, blankets and hand warmers will save you in this situation.