How to Recover From a Slide on Icy Roads

How to Recover From a SlideStaying safe on icy roads is as easy as slowing down, keeping your distance from other cars, and braking early. There are times, though, when the road ahead may seem clear but it’s really covered in black ice, which can send you sliding. If you find yourself in this situation, just remember these tips on how to recover from a slide:

  1. Take your foot off the brake. Antilock brakes work well in every road condition except for icy. Your wheels will likely lock up whether you have antilock brakes or not and that will only make the slide worse. Locked wheels are uncontrollable and no matter what way you steer, as long as your foot is on the brake, you won’t have any hope of controlling the car.
  2. Steer into the slide. Turn in the direction your car is sliding in order to regain control of the car. If you happen to steer so far that you cause the car to slide in the other direction, turn that way instead. Steering too far is called overcorrecting.

Keep in mind that recovering from a slide isn’t easy and you may recover for a short time before losing control in the end.