History of the North American International Auto Show

For more than 100 years, Detroit, the “Motor City,” has been home to the North American International Auto Show (the NAIAS). There’s a lot to love about this auto show, from its rich history to its present day marvels.

While this auto show has existed since 1907, it didn’t become “international” until 1987. That’s when the Detroit Auto Dealers Association proposed the idea of making this auto show an international even instead of just a national one. International auto makers did feature their vehicles at the show starting in 1957, but it wasn’t until 1989 that they put “International” in the name and added an international advisor to the board.

In 1990, the NAIAS has satellite uplinks for press conferences, meaning that announcements and videos could travel across the world, so even those who were out of the country could experience what was going on at the auto show. And in 1993, the NAIAS ShowTalk newsletter was born, so word could travel everywhere about the show. The North American Car and Truck of the Year Awards debuted just two years later.

The North American International Auto Show has continued to grow since its start, with a record number of 700,000 attendees and nearly 1000 cars each year. You can check out more information here.