The Future Is Looking Bright for Lincoln

Lincoln Motor Company is making huge changes to not only its vehicles, but its reputation as a brand.  The introduction of the exclusive Black Label Collection is only the first step towards renewed inspiration.  Lincoln Motor Company has always valued its clients, but with new concepts, like Black Label at Home, client devotion is becoming more focused than ever.  Service is becoming a hand-in-hand journey, guiding clients through each step of the creative process and meeting their needs.  Lincoln has always aimed for exceptional service, but now, a new level is being discovered.

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The 2016 Lincoln MKX concept

The decision to include China within the Lincoln vehicle market is another indication of the brand’s serious intentions.  Lincoln Motor Company is currently a globally-recognized brand, servicing countries around the world.  Expanding the luxury brand to the potential clients of China is an exciting step forward for Lincoln in its new ventures.  Clients of China will also be receiving top-notch service etiquette with The Lincoln Way.  The intention of these amenities is to create a relaxed, hospitable environment for clients to hand-pick the design of their new vehicle.  A tea room, personalized technology, and complete service transparency create this new approach to quality service.

A $5 billion dollar makeover is next on the list.  Lincoln is in the process of creating an entirely new platform, titled D6, which is expected to be released some time in 2019.  This all new line-up will include sedans, crossovers and potentially sports cars.  Lincoln Motor Company is rising to new challenges of improvement, and a $5 billion makeover can’t hurt.

New technology is also being implemented within Lincoln’s new vision.  The brand has now partnered with Revel Audio Systems, increasing sound quality and enhancing the listening experience.  Three different modes of surround sound technology will be available, for the driver and passengers to adjust according to their own preferences.  The new sound systems will replace the current Bose technology and will be available in all models by next year.

The new Lincoln MKX concept has been released and is expected to debut by next year, with the new Revel Audio System in tow.  The sleek, modern design is sure to impress with enhanced technology and upgraded features.  The 2016 MKX demands attention, standing out boldly against other SUVs.  It will also most likely become an addition to the Black Label Collection, stay tuned for for details.

Lincoln of Troy is excited to be a part of Lincoln Motor Company’s transformation. The future is looking up for Lincoln with its new design, attitude, and renewed devotion to its clients.