Fun Fall Activities in Detroit

fun fall activitiesDetroit, Michigan is filled to the brim with fun activities for people to do all year-round. Here are some fun fall activities to do in Detroit as the weather starts to get cooler and the leaves change color.

Fall Color Tours: Being outdoors is usually associated with spring and summer, but there’s something so scenic about crisp autumn air and colorful leaves. Check out any of these vibrant nature tours

Go to a Cider Mill: Nothing quite says “autumn” like hot apple cider. Get fresh cider right from the source at a local cider mill.

Michigan Renaissance Festival: Lasting until the second day of October, Ren Fest is here and it’s ready to wow you with a fantastical vision of history.

Craft Beer Festivals: If cider is the season’s favorite non-alcoholic beverage, then craft beer is the season’s adult drink of choice. Lots of breweries and bars are having their own take on Oktoberfest, so check it out.

There are plenty more fun fall activities in the Detroit, Michigan area, so why don’t you explore and find some yourself? Enjoy the perfect-for-a-bonfire weather and beautiful leaves while they last, and partake in all the great events the season has to offer.