Four Winter Weather Maintenance Checks


Car maintenance is important year round, but it becomes especially vital during the harsh months of winter.  We’ve identified four maintenance checks you should perform before the winter weather really hits in full force.

  1. Battery – This one is pretty self explanatory.  No one wants to hear the sound of a dead battery sputtering on cold morning.  It’ll make you seriously consider crawling back into your warm bed, which is great unless you’re one of those people with bills to pay (i.e. everybody).  Our service experts here at Lincoln of Troy would be glad to perform a routine check on your battery.  If it is over three years old, it may be time to look into getting a new one.
  2. Windshield Wipers – These small, but mighty, parts must be prepared for the heavier precipitation they will be swiping from your windshield. Check the blades to make sure they are in good condition with no cracks or other damages. You may want to consider investing in all-season or winter wipers if you don’t have them already.
  3. Fluids – Maintaining proper fluid levels is important in making sure your car continues to run even in freezing temperatures. Antifreeze, oil and windshield wiper fluid are three fluids you’ll want to verify are at the right levels.
  4. Tires – These are the more obvious car parts impacted by winter weather.  Before you drive them through all manner of snow, ice and slush, check their tread and pressure.  Using a ruler, measure the depth of the tread for all four tires.  Driving through snow, 6/32 inches is a recommended minimum.  You should look to the car manual or the inside edge of your car door to determine the correct tire pressure.

Think of this as the Lincoln of Troy version of the “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” song: each of these parts is necessary to identify and check for a properly functioning car body. Wouldn’t you rather watch the snow fall through the window of your warm home instead of looking through the window of your cold car as you sit stranded on the side of the road?