First Lincoln Continental Was an Aesthetic Masterpiece

first lincoln continental

William Clay Ford with a 1956 Continental. This model’s design was directly based off of the first Continental.

In a feature on the Lincoln Continental, the automaker claims that it was “possibly” its “most iconic design and division.” But it’s hard to imagine any other model that could fulfill that description.

The Continental was intended to be something special, and to stand out as something beautiful.  The aesthetics of an automobile was extremely important to Edsel Ford, son of Henry Ford and first president of Lincoln. According to a historical essay by the automaker, Edsel “created the first ‘styling department’ for Ford Motor Company.” The Lincoln Continental was his dream car.

The first Lincoln Continental arrived on March 31st, 1939, looking vastly more like a work of art than just an automobile. Word got ‘round and orders started coming in. Lincoln made a limited run of Continentals but by the following year, the Lincoln Continental was its own line.

Study the first Continental and if you look close enough at every great Lincoln model since, you’ll see its spirit lives on. See what we mean by visiting Lincoln of Troy.