Car Hackers are getting Smarter with New Technology

car hackersAs the amount of technology increases, so do the amount of ways hackers can infiltrate systems. Cars and their ever increasing amounts of technology are no exception. As the technology expands, hackers can do just about anything to your car. The scariest part? Hackers can do just about anything to your car remotely.

Connections through wireless networks and electronic systems are perfect pathways for car hackers to interfere with car operations. The worries come after “60 Minutes” aired a demonstration of how vehicles are hacked. More surprising, luxury car maker BMW recently announced it fixed a flaw in the system that effected 2.2 million vehicles. The flaw allowed hackers to open doors remotely.

Senator Ed Markey, who oversaw the security report, stated that hackers could get into vehicles, “causing them to suddenly accelerate, turn, kill the brakes, activate the horn, control the headlights, and modify the speedometer and gas gauge readings. Additional concerns came from the rise of navigation and other features that record and send location or driving history information.”

Although there are no real cases of cars being hacked, it’s still scary knowing that manufacturers have been aware of the issue since 2010. Car manufacturers may need to work with cybersecurity experts to ensure the future security of consumers. As time moves forward, so does technology, and so do hackers.

Car vulnerability to remote hacking will only become a more pressing issue, and that’s why we at Lincoln of Troy are confident in Lincoln’s dedication to the security of its models and customers.