Benefits of AWD in the Winter: Improve Handling and Performance

Benefits of AWD for Winter Driving

Benefits of AWD for Winter Driving

Winter is right around the corner, which means harsh weather and cold temperatures could lead to bad driving conditions. Many models come with an advanced all-wheel drive (AWD) system to improve handling and performance, especially on rough terrain or in bad weather. That makes AWD ideal for the wintertime.

According to Motorists, there are many benefits of AWD in the winter. This system is similar to a classic 4×4 setup; however, and AWD powertrain is different than four-wheel drive (4WD). AWD uses an advanced set of sensors to monitor every wheel for slippage. When necessary, the engine will send power to each wheel as necessary. This provides excellent handling, as well as improved performance.

How does this help in snowing climates? To begin with, AWD lessens the likelihood that you will get stranded. With all four wheels spinning, your vehicle will be able to get out of snowy conditions or off of icy road. Considering the cold weather, you’ll be glad you have AWD when the winter comes around.

AWD also works to improve handling by preventing fishtailing. This occurs when the rear wheels slip, causing the rear end to swing around. This can be extremely dangerous, especially in heavy traffic. AWD works with other systems like traction control to prevent this from happening. These are just some of the many reasons to consider getting a vehicle with AWD for the winter months. Get more research and tips at Lincoln of Troy.