Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Car

Even though we don’t mean to, many of us do things every day that are destroying our cars. Consistent maintenance, some tender loving care, and avoiding these bad habits that are ruining your car will help you keep your car running in tip-top shape for many years to come.

  1. Skipping the parking brake. If you’re anything like most Americans, you’re thinking what is the point of that thing? If you think it’s just for use in extreme circumstances, you’re wrong. You should engage the parking brake any time you find yourself on a hill, or even flat ground. When you don’t engage the parking brake, you’re putting all of the stress of the car on your transmission. Engage the brake to completely take the pressure off the transmission – it’ll add years to your car’s life.
  2. Pressure washing the engine. We can’t blame you for wanting the engine to be clean – but skip the high-powered pressure washer, which can dislodge a number of important parts, from rubber seals to electrical bits. If you can’t help but clean your engine, use a regular-old garden hose.
  3. Not coming to a complete stop before shifting. If you are still rolling in reverse and shift into drive before coming to a complete stop, you are putting a ton of stress on your transmission. Whenever you shift without stopping, the complex set of gears inside of your transmission must work as brakes. This can damage your drive shafts, bad transmission handling, and a destroyed transmission.
  1. Brake RotorRiding the brakes. If you find yourself on a hill, avoid the common mistake of riding the brakes all the way down. Instead, alternate between braking and letting off the brake to avoid heating up and wearing out your brake pads.

These are simple tips that can help you add years to your car’s life and save money on repair bills. If it’s too late, and your car is letting you down, stop by Lincoln of Troy today. We can help you get your car back in order, or help you find a new one.