Aluminum Body in the Future for Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln NavigatorAlthough we are still early in the model year of 2015, here at Lincoln of Troy, we are already looking into the future of Lincoln automobiles. Specifically, we’re looking forward to 2017, when the Lincoln Navigator is likely to get a redesign to include an aluminum body.

The current model of the Navigator was released in the 2007 model year, so it would seem it’s time for an update. The change in platform will be similar to the Ford F-150, who recently lost 700 pounds by switching to an aluminum body.

Although we don’t know much yet about design and styling, we do know that Lincoln has always led the market in these areas, especially with the Lincoln Navigator. This new aluminum body will likely set a trend among full-size luxury SUVs.

Before the speculated reveal of the new Navigator, Lincoln will also release the new MKX and MKZ, so there is a lot to look forward to from Lincoln in the coming years.