1965 Lincoln Continental Impresses at “Cruise Night”

The newly rebranded Lincoln Motor Company isn’t trying to leave its heritage behind—it’s just trying to build an even better future on top of that legacy. See, Lincoln has always made vehicles that customers connect with on an emotional level—like the 1965 Lincoln Continental. Louis Modesto currently owns such a vehicle, and recently showed it off for an audience at the Randhurst Village Cruise Night.

Modesto explained that his special connection to the Lincoln Motor Company to The Daily Herald. “I remember riding in them (Lincolns) over the years and thinking they were some of the classiest cars on the road. I felt like a president when I sat in the back seat,” Modesto said. He also said he found the car through his sister’s friend, who “found the car in an older woman’s garage. Her husband was the original owner. We brought it to Chicago on a truck.”

Modesto’s 1965 Lincoln Continental holds a special place in his heart—it connects him to family, to his past, and to a sense of nostalgia he can’t find anywhere else. If you’re looking for a car company that goes way beyond the surface, a company that gives you the keys to a whole new life, then come see us here at Lincoln of Troy today.